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Mind Numbing Stuff

Posted on: January 8, 2011 4:24 pm
Here's some stuff that just Numbs my mind all day everyday whenever I think of it. Feel free to add anything or just flat comment. I'd love to hear some of the stuff that comes from this

1. The New York Yankee's. Now usually I respect all MLB teams but still the Yankee's how the hell do they do it every year I mean seriously WOW

2. Disney. Getting some really bad vibes from them lately and having one of my good friends child kicked off a ride JUST because Nick Jonas was one the ride. Big Stinkin Deal. Why should the kid get off a ride and wait for the next one to come along just for Nick Jonas. The Family paid for the rides and rides they should be able to use no matter what

I wonder though what you'd get if you crossed the Supposed happiest place on earth "Disneyland" with the Unfriendliest People EVER "Starbuck's Employee's"? Just curious But I'd say the most Anal People ever

3. MySpace. Dag these people have gotten really strange since I first signed up. Now I barely get back. What Happened??

4. The San Francisco 49ers. A team with loads of talent just no leadership. Singletary was apparently a joke and now they have Harbaugh....this should be fun to watch next year but still mind numbing

5. San Francisco Giants. World Series Champs won the NL Title on my Birthday won the Series a week later and then Uribe Leaves For the hated Dudgers and Renteria the Hero is looking at going to The Cardinals Again I think I saw or somewhere but Whats going on here why not retain Uribe at least he was the Bomb. Uribe to L.A sheeeesh oh well at least they still Have Lincecum, Cain and Wilson
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Posted on: March 22, 2011 1:08 am

Mind Numbing Stuff

Barry Bonds and his Trial. Its a waste of time and tax payers dollars just because he supposedly lied. Personally I dont know what to think with the guy but I have seen some pretty good arguments about previous players such as Roger Maris, Babe Ruth and other greats of the Game. However after seeing old pictures of Bonds I sometimes wonder what happened along the way besides intense workouts!!!! Personally all this is mind numbing to me with the Micthell report or whatever it is and the investigation into Balco and Bonds, McGwire, Clemens and many others. Lets just end this and just move on.

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